Hops in the Hangar.
2020 Event Delayed.

My Brewery Wants to Participate!
How Can We get started?

Below are the links for the Brewery Event Application, and the 2020 Brewery Sponsorship Sign Up

Brewery Event Application and Participation Agreement
Brewery Sponsorship Sign Up 2020

I am a Food Vendor.
I want to be there! What do I need to do?

Below is the link for the Food Vendor Application & Participation Agreement 2020. There is also a Fee: $100 self contained/$200 electric hookup (due upon notification of application approval)

Hops in the Hangar: Food Vendor Application & Participation Agreement 2020

My business or organizations wants to become a sponsor.
Can you put us in the right direction?

A huge thanks to all the businesses, organizations, and individuals supporting the Hops in the Hangar event. They make this great event possible. Their support demonstrates a commitment to making a positive difference in our community!

2020 Sponsorship Sign Up
Current Sponsors for our 2020 Event

I want to volunteer to be a part of the flight crew!
How can I get involved?

We are SO EXCITED for this event and are looking for positive, enthusiastic people that love a good time and promoting their community.
Please fill out the volunteer form below!

Volunteer Sign Up 2020